Cosy Baby Knits

We have a lovely range of hand knitted, one off creations for your little ones; including baby blankets, cot protectors, and great baby clothing. Our team of eleven ladies knit for us throughout the UK creating both their own unique designs, and being able to take orders of any pattern if there's something specific you have in mind. All wool used is from the best suppliers, and is also available to purchase from our stores.

baby woll clothes


We have more than 500 cardigans or jumpers for babies, and prices start from £7. The price of our items depends on the style and quality, and prices for bespoke items vary. We use James Brett and King Cole as our main suppliers, and this ensures the use of high quality wool. Our team has handmade items ready to go, and we’re also able to create new items from scratch, based on your specifications.

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Premature Babies

Premature babies are also catered for, with lots of items specifically made for your little treasure. There are toys, dolls, clothing, and blankets available, ensuring that they’re as comfy and cosy as possible.


You’re welcome to collect your handmade products, haberdashery supplies, or other items from our shop, if this is best for you. Alternatively, we’re also available on our market stalls, and a delivery service is also available.

Beautiful hand made crochet blankets from £15.00

can be made in all sizes ,colours and yarns

Todler cardigans & jumpers from £15.00 each

can be made in other colours, sizes and yarn 

Wonderful hand knitted dresses from £15.00

can be made in different sizes, colour and yarn 

Hand made crochet, £16.00 per set

include blankets and bootees, can be made in different colours, yarn and size

Hand made baby hoodies, and cardigans, from £12.00

can be made in different sizes, yarn and colours

Hoodies and dresses from £14.00 each

can be made in different sizes, and yarn

Wonderful hand knitted cardigans and jumpers from £15 each

can be made in different sizes, yarn and colours

Wonderful hand knitted dungarees, all from £12

in our double knit wool which can be purchased

Baby blanket sets with matching hats and boots, £18 per set

Perfect baby gifts

3-6 months hoodies £14 .00 each

Hand made Cardigans and Jumpers £10 Each

Toddler Jackets £18 Each

Baby Onesies £12 Each

Baby Boots £3.50 Each

Baby Boots

Baby Blankets £14.00 Each

Hand knitted dungaries £18.00 Each

Hand knitted babies hoodies £15.00 Each

Beautiful Hand Knitted Jumper only £15.00

Measuring 18" with a 25% wool content

Gorgeous Hand Knitted Cardigan only £12.00

Measuring 16"

Gorgeous Hand Knitted Cardigans only £10.00

Beautiful Hand Knitted Jumper only £15.00

Measuring 16" with a 25% wool content

  • 16 inch £15.00 jumper, hand knitted

Gorgeous Hand Knitted Cardigans

£6 each

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