Cosy Home Knits in Leicester, Leicestershire

We have some great handmade items for around the home, and all of them are completely bespoke to you. Our team of eleven ladies knit for us throughout the UK, and we’re able to take orders of any pattern if there's something specific you have in mind. All wool used is from the best suppliers, and is also available to purchase from our stores.

wool toys


We have handmade accessories for cats and dogs including blankets, coats, and so much more.


You’re welcome to collect your handmade products, haberdashery supplies, or other items from our shop, if this is best for you. Alternatively, we’re also available on our market stalls, and a delivery service is also available.

Crochet bedspreads from £55.00

Can be made to order in colour, size and yarn

Beautiful hand made crochet blankets from £15.00

can be made in all sizes ,colours and yarns, 

Beautiful hand made blanket


Circular crochet blanket £25

Hand Knitted Blanket with tassels


Hand Knitted Bed Runner for a Double Bed, £50.00

This piece was knitted using extra large chunky needles and 4 balls of marble chunky wool and can be knitted to order in your choice of colours.

Crocheted Throw With Tassels, £40.00

This beautiful throw measures 45” long and 30” wide and was made up of 6 balls of marble chunky wool. It can be crocheted to order in your choice of colours.

Extra Chunky Throw, £50.00

Hand knitted with extra large knitting needles using 6 balls of our marble chunky wool. It measures 48” wide and 40” long.

Crocheted Blankets

Gorgeous hand crocheted unique blankets of varying sizes and prices.

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